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Energy Audit is a comprehensive exercise carried out by plants for energy saving through a detailed study of the plant equipment, load pattern analysis, electrical measurements at various critical load points, thermal measurements, motors, utility study etc.

Many a times a plant would first estimate the potential of Energy Saving through Energy Audit rather than going in for a Comprehensive Energy Audit itself. Express Energy Audit is recommended for such plants or for plants which have never carried out Comprehensive Energy Audit or have carried out it long time back.

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Benefits of Express Energy Audit :

1. Express Energy Audit gives an estimate of energy saving potential of the plant through various discussions carried out with plant people, load pattern analysis, equipment condition analysis etc.

2. Express Energy Audit enables a plant to decide whether an energy audit will actually yield results or not. It also helps in assessing the right time for undertaking an energy audit.

3. Express Energy Audit costs a fraction of the cost of a detailed energy audit but enables a plant to get a good insight into energy saving potential.

4. The walk-through energy audit carried out as part of the express energy audit results in some savings in electrical and thermal energy in the plant in visible areas.

5. For straightforward energy saving proposals we can undertake the same with 100% funding by us on ESCO basis.

Express Energy Audit is Recommended:

➤ For a plant which is considering detailed energy audit but would first like to know if detailed energy audit at this stage would result in savings or not. Ideally any plant which is planning for energy audit should first get an express energy audit done.

➤ If a plant has never carried out energy audit but would like to know if there is any energy savings potential in the plant.

➤ For a plant interested in Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency and does not know where to begin.

Express Energy Audit is carried out over a period of 2-3 days and is carried out by our expert energy team (B.E.E. Accredited Energy Auditor, Solar Expert, Energy Engineers etc.) which is the same team which carries out Comprehensive Energy Audit as well.

If you wish to carry out Express Energy Audit of your plant, please do write in to us at