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Services and Solutions

As the demand for Power keeps rising it is becoming increasingly important for mankind to look for alternative sources of energy. Primarily because fossil fuels which have so far driven the growth - especially in India - are limited and are depleting at a rapid rate.

We offer Demand Side Management Services (beginning with Energy Audit) as well as Solar Photo Voltaic Power Generation Services based on our Strength, Knowledge and Expertise. It is no wonder that due to our commitment to delivering quality Solutions and Services we have had the pleasure of working with highly reputed Clients.

Our Service Offerings are in 2 domains :

Photo Voltaic Solar Power Projects

(Solar Energy Power Projects) Including Consultancy, Advisory, Guidance, Engineering & Design, Project Execution, Project Management, O & M. In short we carry out all activities related in PV Solar Power Projects from Concept to Commissioning. Execution is on EPC or Turnkey basis. Please visit our Section on our Services in PV Solar Power Projects to know more. We are already PV Solar Power Consultants and offering our Expert Advisory Services to a variety of Industries - most of them leaders in their field.

Energy Audit as part of Energy Conservation Projects

Including Pre-Visit, Onsite Visit and Post-Visit Phases. In Energy Audit we believe that Report Submission is not the end of the Energy Optimization and suggest a comprehensive approach to our Clients who would like to carry out Energy Audit of their facilities. The obvious advantage / outcome of Energy Audit is Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency resulting in reduced Production Costs. We have served diverse Industries across the Country. Please visit our Section on Services in Energy Audit.

With increased awareness about Green Energy and rising Energy Costs from Conventional fuels there is a surging interest in Green initiatives mainly Solar Energy (Photo Voltaic Solar Power Generation), Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency. With this in view it is imperative for Industrial Plants, Commercial Facilities and Corporate Houses to take Energy issue seriously and work towards a Greener Planet which works in their favour as well.